1989 - 1990 Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) Torque Converter (40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670 Transmissions)

Top View of: 1989 - 1990 Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) Torque Converter (40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670  Transmissions).
Top View of: 1989 - 1990 Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) Torque Converter (40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670  Transmissions). Bottom View of: 1989 - 1990 Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) Torque Converter (40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670  Transmissions).

Torque Converter Details:

  • Manufacturer: Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model)
  • Transmissions: 40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670
  • Years Made: 1989, 1990
  • Precision Part Number: 5241N

Item Description

This Torque Converters was manufacturered by Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model). This part was made between the years 1989 and 1990.Show More

The engine models this part goes to are: 3.0L and 3.3L eng.. The transmissions this torque converter are associated with are: 40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, and A670 .

This torque converter has a 10.250 inch diameter, 1.337 inch pilot, 24 input splines, has lock-up capability, has a flats on 2.000" tall hub type, has a an overall height (OAH) of 4.920, has a bolt circle size of 8.625 inches, and has some additional information to be aware of.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: shallow dish around hub.

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Torque Converter Specifications (Precision Part#: 5241)

Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) 
Model / Engine
3.0L, 3.3L eng. 
40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670  
Input Splines:
Ring Gear Teeth:
Lock Up:
Hub Type:
flats on 2.000" tall 
Bolt Circle:
Mounting Type:
4 pads flat 
039, 040, 395, 581, 595 
shallow dish around hub. 
Applicable Vehicles for Product
  • 1989 Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) 3.0L (Transmissions: 40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670)
  • 1989 Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) 3.3L eng. (Transmissions: 40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670)
  • 1990 Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) 3.0L (Transmissions: 40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670)
  • 1990 Chrysler/Jeep (Late Model) 3.3L eng. (Transmissions: 40TE, 41AE, 41TE, A604, A670)
Shipping Information
  • Length: 13 inches
  • Width: 13 inches
  • Height: 8.5 inches
  • WEIGHT: No specific weight. (Average automotive converter weight is about 36 lbs)
Customer Testimonies

Bozeman Transmission Center, Inc.
(Bozeman, MT)

"As many of you know and have experienced, problems with torque converters can be frustrating and costly in more ways than just the money side of it. We, as shop owners, get to deal with that customer face to face, or worse yet the customer who has left your area and is now broke down. Not to mention down time, a bind in your shop's work flow and everything that goes with a converter failure. I have owned B.T.C for 20 years with 30 years in the business. Since I have started using Precision Torque Converters almost 10 years ago, my torque converter problems have dropped dramaticly.

What I like besides the service and quality is the fact they are constantly improving their product line. They genuinely care about their customers. With A.T.R.A.'s new and longer warranty program I feel completely at ease installing Precision Converters in our units. Simply put, you couldn't offer me enough money to change supplier's.

After 30 years in this business, I know what works and what does not, and Precision Torque Converters work."

-Kevin R. Kunze

Brown's Auto Service, Inc.
(Billings, MT)

"I know you don't get this very often but I just wanted to take the time to let you know that you have one very happy customer in Brown's Auto Service, Inc. Milt Freese and the rest of your crew do an excellent job of making sure of that. We have been using your converters now for almost 14 years. Over the last 48 years of rebuilding transmissions we have used many different converter manufacturers. Never before have we used one for 14 years. In an industry where the converter is blamed for more than its share of problems, you have listened to our issues and helped us to resolve them in very positive ways.

Our goal is not to become a transmission company that sells the most units, has the most builders, or even one that has the lowest price. We would rather be known as a company that sells high quality products and services. To achieve these goals, we have had to form strategic business alliances with vendors such as yourself to assure that our customers are getting the highest quality product available.

Our philosophy is different from many in our industry in that we believe that price is not the most important factor in the selling of our repair services or our transmissions. Our business philosophy focuses on four main areas - CRAFTSMANSHIP, PARTS, SERVICE, & LOYALTY. To be able to live up to this business philosophy we live and die based on the relationships we develop with companies like yours. Needless to say because of the strategic business alliance we have with Precision, our company has been doing extremely well.

Over the last ten years most companies in our industry have merged, gone out of business, or just simply disappeared. It is very reassuring to know that Precision of New Hampton has been there for our company and will continue to be there tomorrow. Once again thank you for the great service that your company provides our company."

-Gordon Tryan


D and E Automotive Products
(Toledo/Holland, OH)

"I've been in the automotive industry for 20 + years. Seen a lot of companies come and go, even worked for a few of them. To do business with a company that stands behind their products is reassuring to us as a supplier and is the best insurance any shop could ever ask for.

We've HAD other converter suppliers, that's past tense for a reason. When I ask my customer if they would rather wait for a Precision if I do not have it in stock, most prefer to do so. Their ability to get me next day service helps keep my inventory from growing on hand to find units, the quality second to none.

I used to have two bins before, one for cores, one for defects. Not any more, my customers see the quality they know we stand behind what we sell and so does our supplier. Tech bulletins, tech service, and a quality product that has helped reduce our warranties to virtually none. Price is only an issue to someone who can afford to do it more than once.

The bitterness of poor quality persists long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. That's how you determine value."

-Craig Budzinski